Evil Paypal!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm having technical difficulty with stupid Paypal, and am therefore unable to accept it until (supposedly) Friday!!My Paypal account is all kinds of messed up and I'm waiting on them to fix it...
I explained the situation in my shop announcement, so hopefully people understand and don't hesitate to make custom orders. It just irks me that something beyond my control may be turning potential customers away!


Well, there's nothing left to do but wait until Friday and hope things pick up by then. Must stay positive! =)


My First Sale!!

That's right! I made my very first sale in my etsy shop today! My mom came up with this brilliant idea for me to sell custom etsy banners and avatars until I can get all my materials and begin crafting. It's a wonderful idea, and I made my first custom order last night, and sold it today!
I'm super motivated and can't wait to make more!



I have been learning tons the last few days about etsy.com and what I need to know to get my business started. I must say, I am becoming addicted. The more I learn, the more I love etsy!

I learned all about flickr, and I must say- it's so much fun! I love how you can add little notes to your images.

Yesterday, I took a nice little walk with my hubby and my dog, Rocky. I took some pictures along the way...here's two of my favorites!


The Beginning.

February 14th, 2008.

Marks the birth of Sugar Panda. We are in the very beginning stages- the proverbial seed has been planted. Interesting for a mum-to-be to decide to create a business now.

We come from a family of female entrepreneurs. Our Mother and Sister are the creators/owners/designers of Vandiva fashion jewelry. They work tirelessly to produce amazing handmade gemstone jewelry, and are constantly improving their business. We strive for the same with our "baby" Sugar Panda.
Follow us on the exciting, yet daunting, journey of starting, not just an internet shop, but a brand- and make a name for ourselves.
This will be fun!

Valerie [ the queen panda ]