Pregnancy is kickin my butt!!

So the doctor's believe that I have Pre-eclampsia. I have huge swollen feet, ankles, legs, hands, and face, high blood pressure (which I have never had in my entire life), my heart rate is psychotic, and a host of other symptoms.

However, the first pee test they did came back negative for it so they made me do a 24-hour one where I have to pee in a jug and keep it in our refrigerator (yeah, pretty gross and hubby is totally freaked out lol). I just feel like crap now and they are talking about inducing me early. I hope they do!

I had such an easy pregnancy thus far, but now with these medical issues popping up it's becoming very difficult just to function during the day. Hopefully they induce labor soon, because that is the only cure for Pre-eclampsia.

Well, wish me luck! I'm off to drop off my jug of pee @ the hospital! =)


Strange Day

I had a totally stressful day. My computer caught a nasty disease from some dirty spyware and totally died for an entire day. I had to run to Best Buy and purchase new spyware removal software to save my poor baby. All is well now, but I was having some serious Etsy withdrawal.

Also, my sweet little sugar monkey (my husband) gave me my Mother's Day gift early. I got a brand new digital camera!!!! I was so SO happy! He decided to give me my very first Mother's Day gift early because he wanted me to enjoy my camera a little before I gave birth (and would therefore be too busy to enjoy it for a while). I am so excited! I can't wait to start getting serious about my photography. Thanks hubby! I love you!


101 hearts! Yay!

My first 100 hearts!

I am having a wonderful morning today. I woke up and saw this! It feels nice to know that 101 people find my shop worth noticing. How happy it's made me! I would love to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of those hearts, I truly do appreciate it!

This morning I also saw a really sweet feedback from a customer in Australia. She received this:

"LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Perfectly wrapped and shipped. Beautifully drawn and framed. Absolutely one of my most prized pictures! Thank-you Sugar Panda"

Aww! How sweet!! All this with my morning cup of chamomile tea. I was on cloud 9! Love ya'll!


Necessary Change....

I dislike change. I really do. It makes me nervous and I don't like adapting. But, sometimes change is good and very necessary.

I found that pricing competitively can be difficult, and at times impossible when there are sellers who undercut prices. I made a couple of small price changes in my shop because I felt that I wasn't reflecting the true value of the piece and all the love and hard work that went into making it. So chain necklaces, for example, are now optional upgrades with the pendants. That way I can keep the pendants priced competitively without losing money due to material costs.

Like I said...I hate change...it makes me nervous, but I feel that I did the right thing so hopefully this change will be for the better.


Scrabble Tile Rings!

This little beauty is available in my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=11047814

I'm introducing my line of scrabble tile and wood tile rings. Scrabble tile jewelry seems to be an immensely popular trend on Etsy right now (a new shop offering them seems to open each day) and I simply can't get enough! They are such cute little treasures and are so much fun to make.

I hope to be expanding my shop soon. I am working on a new project (ssshh! super top secret stuff) and as soon as I perfect it, I shall begin offering them in my shop. Keep checking my blog for more info on upcoming products. :)

Happy Tuesday! <3

Paris says "Hi!"

Aww, isn't she cute??

Well, good news! I went to my OB today and they said I am already 1 cm dialated! I'm taking it for what it's worth- she might come early, on time, or late. Who knows? BUT- I do know this- I will not be pregnant forever, yay! I can't wait! But these endless Braxton Hicks contractions are killing me...so sooner would be much better than later (ahem, are you listening daughter?).


Nature In a Jar Pendants

Orchid Kiss
So I introduced a new line of pendants in my shop. I love them! They are called Nature In A Jar pendants, and they are simply stunning! I liked the idea of putting them in a glass jar, because it reminded me of catching fireflies. I think the packaging compliments the beautiful images on the pendants.
Just looking at them makes me happy! I can't wait to make more!