New Product Line & Giveaways!

Just in time for the movie premiere of "Twilight"! I am utterly obsessed with the book series and anything "Twilight". I am now offering pendants with the cover art of the 4 books from the "Twilight" Saga in my etsy shop & on my website http://www.sugarpanda.net/! You can purchase the pendants individually, or as a gift set.
Also, there are two fabulous giveaways coming up! The first will begin Monday. The lucky winner will receive a $15.00 gift certificate to my website http://www.sugarpanda.net/! Be sure to check back on Monday to find out all the details you need to win!
The second giveaway will be held on my personal blog, http://www.chartreusepanda.blogspot.com/. It's a very special giveaway, because one lucky winner receives multiple prizes from different sellers on Etsy! This giveaway will begin on December 1st (my birthday!) and end December 5th. So mark your calendars! It's going to be a fabulous giveaway!!
Happy Friday...


Shop Update!

I dedicated this set to my best friend Aylin because she's always been there for me. No matter what. She even urged me to create a set like this, and I'm glad I did. Thanks Aylin. For everything.

Marine Wife, $6

This pendant is dedicated to all my fellow Marine Wives. If you are, or ever have been, "Married to the Corps" you will see the humor of this.

Chocolat, $6


I've been busy working on new lines and new products to debut within the next week, so stay tuned! I'll have lots of lovely stocking stuffers for you to choose from! <3


Yay! It's up!

Woohoo! My website is finally up! I added a ton of products to it, some old, some new, some very new! I'm expanding my jewelry line to include fashion jewelry and more gift ideas for the people you love. It is absolutely beautiful, thanks to the uber-talented Robin, the Owner & Designer of http://www.boutiquemama.com/!

So take a look around and be sure to sign my guestbook while you're there!