Stardust - 2 Scrabble Tile Hairpins, $4.00 (*limited time only*)
Starting tonight at midnight etsy time through Nov. 8th, my shop is participating in the annual JET Holiday Sale! There is a special category in my shop called "JET Holiday Sale" where you will find rings, pendants, magnets, and hairpins at up to 50% off! Only until November 8th!!
So hurry, do your Christmas shopping early!
Happy Saturday!

Sneek Peek....

Good news! I'm feverishly working on a website for Sugar Panda. It will be an online boutique. The web design is scheduled to be completed sometime next week, and hopefully I can launch the new site on Nov. 1st! I am terribly excited about this, and you should be, too! Because although I will still retain my little space on Etsy and Dawanda, there will be products exclusive to the website.

Here's a sneek peek of one of the limited edition collectible pieces (it's unfinished in this above pic) that will be available exclusively on my new shiny website beginning Nov. 1st!


Rush Rush Rush

I'm gearing up for the Holiday rush. I have craft shows to attend, I've been making pendants like crazy, have inventory to do, and SO so SO much to prepare! BUT, I'm super excited...although winter is definetely not my favorite time of year, it has it's up-sides. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday (December 1st), and of course Christmas and New Year...but I hate the cold!

I actually had my thyroid removed a few years ago, and I can't tolerate cold climates. Being cold is almost painful to me, because I'm hyper-sensitive to it. So I'd rather be celebrating these holidays in the Bahamas.

Check out my shop often, I've got LOTS of holiday goodies coming your way!

Happy Thursday!