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So I've been totally neglecting my blog lately, what with the new baby and all. Being a work @ home Mommy is tough business! However, I ordered a TON of new supplies and have gotten most of them in the mail already (yayness!). I got this new paper that I am totally excited about as well.

(brb, baby is crying...)

Ok, so as I was saying...new supplies = new pretty stuff for my shop! I also made my very first sale on dawanda! Go me! And, I am finally comfortable enough to take a leap and make my little business an official "for real" business. I'm getting my license!! I'm super excited about that. And once I get the license, I plan on scouting out some local craft shows and also shopping my pretties around at some boutiques in San Diego and L.A. (scary!) so wish me luck!

Oh, and I almost forgot...I am seriously considering opening a second shop on Etsy to sell my pastel art and photography prints...hmmm, what shall I do?

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jessicajane said...

I dont even have a lisence yet...my grandma just sent me a book of hers to read, licensing art 101. She used to be a teacher and taught painting classes...so she sent me her old books. But i think you should sell your pastel art and photography. why not?! haha. Hope all is well in So Cal!