DIY Lightbox

My finished lightbox...raggedy looking? Yep. Ghetto? Probably. Does it work? YES.

Recently, I stumbled upon an interesting tutorial for a DIY light tent. It seemed simple enough and the material costs were sooo cheap that I just had to try it. I got so sick of having to rely on a perfect day to take pictures of my pendants and even more tired of having to adjust so much using my photo editing software. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try to build one, especially for rainy days.

I got to work on it, and my hubby helped me out a little as well. Although I made some slight adjustments to my lightbox, I pretty much did what the tutorial said and my box yields some pretty good pictures! It does take some fiddling around with your camera's white balance settings to find what works best for what you're photographing. Best of all, it only took 2 hours to make!


jessicajane said...

oh how cool, the photos are great!!

oh, hello friend. said...

this is great val, your photos are always so lovely and bright. way to be resourceful and make your own instead of spending like, hundreds on a lightbox ;)

Adam Mann said...

very cool looks like you'll be having some nice pictures!

Katie Lyons said...

How fun! It makes me wish I made cool jewelry like you so I could take pictures, lol (I'm really into photography)
It really makes your product photos look professional, well done :)

Chris said...

I've been thinking about making one and checking out tutes for them. Thanks for sharing your experience.