Vacation Time!

I'm on vacation!

Well...sort of. I'm still working- just from my Mom's house in South Carolina instead of my place in California. My trip here was an absolute nightmare! I am NEVER flying with Northwest airlines again. Period. I was supposed to arrive in Charlotte, NC on a Friday and didn't get there until Saturday at around 1:30 PM. My luggage was left somewhere in Minneapolis so by the time we got that all figured out we left the airport at 2:00 PM.

My babyshower was at 3 PM in Columbia, SC. Yeah, we had JUST enough time to get to the shower straight from the airport. I was wearing the same stinky clothes I had from Friday morning, same makeup, everything thanks to getting stuck in Minneapolis. It sucked. So I looked and felt like crap after no sleep and no shower.

Out of the 35 people invited to my shower 7 showed up. It hurt my feelings a lot, but I still had a lot of fun. The guests that DID show up were lots of fun and very generous. I got tons of wonderful gifts from everyone.

I also started listing some of my pastel artwork in my Etsy shop. Sales are sluggish at best. I'm just waiting for the day that I can buy all my materials to begin making my pendants, magnets, and containers. Save, save, save. Hopefully things will fall into place soon!

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