Featured Etsy Shop: toybreaker

You can find this gorgeous tie at toybreaker.etsy.com.

Father's Day is just around the corner, and what makes a better gift for the Dad in your life than a beautiful tie? There are three things my dad absolutely loves; expensive cologne, nice watches, and ties. Over the years my daddy has racked up quite a collection of ties from Father's Day gifts but he always says he can never have too many.

This is the tie I got for my dad! It's a soft microfiber tie with a screenprinted original illustration.


I figured it's high time I start featuring fellow Etsy sellers in my little blog. Would you like to be featured in my blog, or know of a shop that should be? Just convo me (sugarpanda) and tell me all about the shop! :)


Lunachick Designs said...

Nice feature! :D I love their shop.

jessicajane said...

my guy doesnt wear ties. haha. now that i think of it, Ive never seen him in one, other than his military uniform. they do have lovely ties though, the look so satin-y i want to touch!