Happy Father's Day!!

My dad wore the tie I bought him (got it on Etsy from toybreaker) to church for Fathers Day. He loved it! And I must say, it looks great on him!
I love you, daddy. Thank you for everything.

This is the card I got for my hubby. It's his very first Fathers Day, and this card was absolutely perfect. It was especially for new dads AND it had pandas on it!! OMG perfect, right?

My husband is an absolutely amazing father. I can tell that Alina will be a total "Daddy's Girl" because she already has him completely wrapped around her finger. Watching them together makes me want to cry tears of joy. I never could have imagined a love this powerful. My family is everything.

Happy 1st Father's Day, sweetie.
I love you.


jessicajane said...

awwwwe this made me all teary eyed! i cannot wait until Tim is a daddy.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

This is a beautiful picture.

Kristen said...

Love the picture of your Dad in his Tie~ too cute :)

Magicouture said...

Aw! That's very touching. What a sweet picture!

littlechook said...

you have a beautiful family sugarpanda

enjoy x