Featured Etsian: ScribbleIt

Cherish the little things Wall Decal from ScribbleIt.

I absolutely love anything to do with home decor. Unfortunately, I have a limited budget and live in an apartment, so my options are very few. However, thanks to wall decals like the ones in ScribbleIt's shop I can decorate without breaking the bank OR breaking my apartment's rules! I love how interesting her wall decals look. She offers a variety of color options on her decals as well, making it easy for you to customize your look.

My custom tutu from Sirena Boutique!
So my best friend has a shop on Etsy selling hair bows and tutus for little girls. I love tutus, they are so very girly, so of course my little one HAD to have one. It's still a bit big on her (I ordered a larger size for when she is old enough to sit up) but I was too impatient to wait until she's 6 months old to put it on. ; )
Her tutus and hair bows are very reasonably priced and make a super fun gift for the little princesses in your life.
Happy Friday!


Aylin said...

Alina looks sooo cute!!

JoJoBell said...

Love the wall decals! As a military family these are wonderful for making all the different places we live feel like home!