Featured Etsian: Least Likely 2 Breed

Bad Ass Booty Balm diaper ointment is a must-have for Moms! As featured in the May 2008 issue of Pregnancy magazine, this wonderful ointment is a life-saver for precious bottoms. It also makes my Pediatricians laugh until they have tears streaming down their faces.

Least Likely 2 Breeds' sense of humor and product descriptions are one-of-a kind. Her packaging is adorable. I recently purchased 2 of her "Bundle O Joy" gift sets which include Bad Ass Booty Balm, Mother Effers Va-J-J -Jelly, and Tough Titties nipple ointment for nursing moms. This adorable gift set comes gift-wrapped in a size 2 chlorine-free diaper.

I personally use the Bad Ass Booty Balm on my newborn daughter, and I love the rich texture and it provides excellent protection from wetness. It also has a very light, clean scent.

One very satisfied customer.

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