i will...

{ always }

- put my family, especially my children, first

- hate people who hurt animals, distrust those who don't like animals

- love pandas, and cry when i see them in person

- believe in God, no matter what happens

- be a Carolina girl at heart, regardless of where i may live

- want/need/crave art in my life

- need my Mommy

- pray, and trust that miracles happen

- love books and have millions of them

{ sometimes }

- need my hubby to feel sorry for me on my bad days

- like my hair, but not often

- like living in california, but not often

- wish i were rich

- be way too stressed, way too anxious, and way too paranoid

- cry, because i cannot believe how much i love my babies

- want more and more pets

- want more kids

- wish i could sleep longer

- wish i had a bigger office + studio

{ never }

- regret marrying young & having children young

- live without an animal in the house

- disown or stop loving any of my children, no matter what they do

- stop trusting in God

- live in California if given the freedom to choose

- live in a place that snows, i can't tolerate the cold

- give up, because admitting defeat doesn't sit well with me


( thanks to Jessica + Danni for this! )


jessicajane said...

i def agree with both your california comments. sometimes, its nice. like, when its nice out every day. haha. but i would never move out here on my own free will.

Valerie said...

lol i knew you'd understand! :)

oh, hello friend. said...

love your always, sometimes, + never. you are so lovely friend... and it looks like you have your priorities right on (as far as family first + love and everything) ;)


Vandiva said...

Love your list, especially the mommy part! :o)


christen said...

Oh, I love this. I was born and raised in southern California, and am still here in Orange County, but I totally get what you mean about living here. I visited North Carolina for a few days several years ago and I had the HARDEST time leaving there.

And I seriously can't trust people who don't like animals ... or books. It's just not natural.