Renegade Craft show in L.A.

So yesterday, Jessica and I headed up to L.A. for the Renegade Craft show to meet Danni from Oh, Hello Friend. The drive up was nice, the traffiic wasn't too bad and there were lots of laughs on the way. It was the first time we got to meet Danni in person, up until yesterday we had only talked online. Meeting new friends is always exhilirating and it was a very pleasant experience. I'm usually very shy and introverted until I get to know someone, so actually meeting people isn't always easy for me. We also met Steppie, she was sharing a booth with Danni (and she has super ridiculously cute stuff!).
The spoils of my Renegade Craft show shopping experience. I went with a very strict budget of $25 and I stuck with it. I came home with these goodies though, and love love love them all! The postcard by Oh, Hello Friend was free, but it's so pretty I'm gonna frame it and hang it up in my studio/office.

This thing was hilarious. A lady sat inside with a microphone and once you slid in $2 she made all these sound effects while she "processed" the money and you chose which kind of postcard you wanted...it was cute, and she definetely got a lot of attention! Jessica gave Danni money to see what the Postcard Machine was all about.

Danni's brother brought his Photo Booth machine to the craft fair so we couldn't resist taking pics. Mainly we couldn't stop giggling long enough to take a decent picture, so in 99% of them somebody is making a funny face. :)

Etsy had a booth set up there as well to promote the website. I got a free sticker and a button. =)
You can see more pics of yesterday on my flickr.

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Vandiva said...

I wish I could have been there!