Necessary Change....

I dislike change. I really do. It makes me nervous and I don't like adapting. But, sometimes change is good and very necessary.

I found that pricing competitively can be difficult, and at times impossible when there are sellers who undercut prices. I made a couple of small price changes in my shop because I felt that I wasn't reflecting the true value of the piece and all the love and hard work that went into making it. So chain necklaces, for example, are now optional upgrades with the pendants. That way I can keep the pendants priced competitively without losing money due to material costs.

Like I said...I hate change...it makes me nervous, but I feel that I did the right thing so hopefully this change will be for the better.

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jessicajane said...

gorgeous photo of the chain, love how you compositioned it. i know what you mean about the prices too