Pregnancy is kickin my butt!!

So the doctor's believe that I have Pre-eclampsia. I have huge swollen feet, ankles, legs, hands, and face, high blood pressure (which I have never had in my entire life), my heart rate is psychotic, and a host of other symptoms.

However, the first pee test they did came back negative for it so they made me do a 24-hour one where I have to pee in a jug and keep it in our refrigerator (yeah, pretty gross and hubby is totally freaked out lol). I just feel like crap now and they are talking about inducing me early. I hope they do!

I had such an easy pregnancy thus far, but now with these medical issues popping up it's becoming very difficult just to function during the day. Hopefully they induce labor soon, because that is the only cure for Pre-eclampsia.

Well, wish me luck! I'm off to drop off my jug of pee @ the hospital! =)

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